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About the Medic Portal

Founded by practising doctors and partnered with the Royal Society of Medicine, The Medic Portal is one of the top online learning resources for aspiring medics all over the globe.

Whether you have just finished your GCSEs or already have a degree under your belt, The Medic Portal specialises in training applicants to master every hurdle on the way to med school, whatever the stage.

To help you get started, The Medic Portal offers an extensive, 100-page Medicine Application Guide. Written by doctors and education experts, it’s packed with advice on deciding whether Medicine is right for you, choosing which Medical Schools to apply to, and what admissions tests you need to take for every step of the way.

Master Those Medical School Admissions Tests

With around 90,000 applications to UK Medicine course each year, competition is high. Nearly every medical school shortlists candidates using tricky aptitude tests like the UKCAT and BMAT.

To give you the best chance of success, The Medic Portal offers both in-person and online UKCAT Courses and BMAT Courses - all written by practising doctors and admissions experts.

Delivered by trained tutors, you’ll cover every question type from all sections, and learn proven techniques on how to get that high score and make your application stand out.

How to Impress in Your Medical School Interviews

With years of working alongside admissions tutors, The Medic Portal also offers aspiring medics 100% recommended interview training tools such as:

·       Medical School Interview Courses, including a practice panel interview with real doctors

·       MMI Practice Circuits, with realistic stations manned by real actors and professional examiners

·       Free Medical School Interview Questions, written by admissions experts and students who have aced the interview themselves!

So, whatever stage of the application you’re at, visit The Medic Portal’s website today for up-to-date advice on how to succeed!