Project London Overview

Project London is the perfect mix of medical work experience and fun. Students spend the day in simulations with experienced doctors, building their hospital work experience, and in the evenings students can immerse themselves in the buzz of London life.

Medical Work Experience

  • Use of professional simulation suite used doctors and medical students
  • Basic life support training
  • Taking a patient history
  • Assessment of acutely unwell patients
  • Roles within a hospital and A&E teams
  • Diagnosis and case presentation skills
  • Airway management, intubation, cannulation and venipuncture
  • Build up to full emergency scenario management

Application Preparation

  • Applying to medical school 
  • Life as a doctor and career paths
  • Clinical skills such as pulses, blood pressures and suturing
  • Medical ethics teaching
  • Applying to university advice and guidance
  • Q&A session with medical students and NHS doctors
  • Mock multiple mini interview with feedback
  • Interview advice and guidance


Medical School Interviews 

  • Mock multiple mini interview (MMI)
  • Real medical school interview questions
  • Personal feedback provided


Learning Outcomes

  • Medical Work Experience

    • Gain medical work experience required for the UCAS application

    • In-depth knowledge of the role of a doctor

    • Hands-on medical experience

    • Experience a range of common medical conditions

    • Understand a range of medical treatments for common medical conditions

    • Understand a framework for patient assessment

    • Be able to reflect on your own performance within a teamwork role

    • Be able to reflect on your own performance

  • Application Preparation

    • Understanding of the medical school application process

    • Understand how to maximise each element of the application process

    • Understanding of the career path of a doctor

    • Have a deeper awareness of the UKCAT and BMAT

    • Develop a framework for medical ethics questions

    • Develop a framework for choosing the right medical school for you

    • Gain hands on experience of clinical skills

  • Medical School Interviews

    • Understanding your reactions under the stress of a medical school interview

    • Understand the different styles of questions

    • Experience a range of real medical school interview questions

    • Develop a framework for reflecting on experiences

    • Understand how to improve your interview technique and answers

Weekly Course Structure

London Editable Structure (1).png


Student Accommodation

Our students share single-gender dormitory style rooms. Students normally share with 3-4 other students as you would expect for any school trip. Our staff also stay at the same accommodation and we always have a female member of staff on duty at night. Breakfast and dinner are included each day.


Student Social Activities

Whilst learning is our main focus, we also want to ensure students make the most of their time in London and our team arrange great social activities for some of the evenings the students are with us, such as:

  • Tour of London 
  • Trips to local restaurants
  • An evening at Covent Garden
  • Escape room challenge
  • Trip to a West End theatre show


Course Dates

  • 14th October - 20th October 2018
  • 21st October - 26th October 2018 
  • 28th October - 3rd November 2018
  • 10th February - 16th February 2019
  • 17th February - 23rd February 2019
  • 7th April - 13th April 2019
  • 14th April - 20th April 2019 
  • 26th May - 1st June 2019
  • 14th July - 20th July 2019
  • 21st July - 27th July 2019
  • 28th July - 3rd August 2019
  • 4th August - 10th August 2019
  • 11th August - 17th August 2019
  • 18th August - 24th August 2019



Course Summary

Course Name: Project London

Duration: 1  week

Placements Available: Pre-Medical

UK Placement Manager: Amy Hooper

Amy Hooper  profile.jpg

Course Fees:

Each course requires a £290 registration fee to book your chosen dates. The balance payments are as follows:

  • 1 week - £1595 

The registration fee is in addition to the balance payment.

Additional Costs:

Students are required to book their own flights. Lunch and spending money are also not included.

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