Who Completes A Pre-Nursing Placement With Us?

Our Pre-Nursing Placements are designed for any student applying or reapplying to gain a place on a nursing course. Students are typically aged 16-19 years old and are wanting to pursue a career as a nurse or specialty training nurse. Post-graduates and elective students are also welcome to apply.

Shadow Experienced Nurses:

All our student mentors are highly qualified and experienced nurses with years of experience in medicine and teaching. Our Medical Projects team will introduce you to your mentor each day and your mentor will explain each case and answer any questions you have about the case or about life as a nurse. 

Why Join Medical Projects?


  • Boost your personal statement to increase your chances of gaining a medical school interview.
  • Gain guaranteed 25 hours hospital work experience per week.
  • Experience a range of departments to broaden your medical knowledge.
  • Experience a different healthcare system to compare and contrast to your own healthcare system.
  • Our Overseas Work Experience Plus course also includes teaching sessions from current medical students and doctors.


International Nursing Work Experience

All students who join our UK or overseas work experience courses complete 25 hours work experience per week. Students shadow a local nurse, who will explain cases and procedures. Groups of students don't exceed two as we want this to be a personal experience with plenty of time for you to discuss cases with your mentors. All our mentors are experienced teachers and speak English. We partner with world-class hospitals and clinics around the world that offer a variety of specialist departments for students to explore. 

Student Support

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Develop an understanding of how a hospital or clinic works
  • Develop a deep understanding of the role of a nurse
  • Understand the different roles in a hospital or clinic and how they work together in a multi-disciplinary team
  • Develop an understanding of how interdepartmental coordination works in the treatment of a patient
  • Experience a different healthcare system and draw comparisons to the NHS or your domestic healthcare system
  • Understand the pathway to becoming a nurse and the range of career options available in the future 

All our placements are designed to develop you and your application to study nursing at university. Where possible, students rotate to gain exposure of different areas of the patient journey through a hospital or clinic. It is very important students gain a good understanding of how a hospital or clinic works and each team members role within the patient journey. 

Our full-time and highly trained Medical Projects staff are experts in helping you make the most of your placement. All students are taught how to reflect on every experience in a way that develops either their personal statement, application or interview.

We have developed a set of key learning objectives that ensures each student leaves us with a well-rounded and balanced view of the role of a doctor and the processes and functions of a hospital or clinic and healthcare system to maximise your chances of gaining a place at university.

Meet your mentors

Our mentors are current UK Medical Students or Doctors. These guys are there to help support you inside the hospital and also provide the interview and clinical skills sessions. Our UK medical students all have at least 2 clinical years training and have all been through the process you are about to. They are there to provide all the advice and guidance you need, so make the most and ask them as many questions as possible. 

How To Apply:

Step 1:

Select your travel dates and how many weeks you would like to join us for.

Step 2:

Click apply now button and complete the online application form.

Step 3:

Register your £290 deposit to secure your place and dates.

Ready to join us?

What Our Students Say...



"One of the best parts about the course was that not only did we get hospital work experience, but the organizers also managed to cram a ton of information regarding medical ethics, interviews and general advice."


"Medical Projects allowed me to get invaluable work experience in India. I saw a whole range of specialities in the hospital from orthopaedics to general medicine to oncology.  I can't recommend Medical Projects enough!"
Shania, 17 - pre-medicine

Shania, 17 - pre-medicine

Shadowing doctors, I learnt about parts of medicine that I was not aware of before.The mock interviews conducted really helped me get an insight of the actual interview that is required for entry into medicine.