Welcome to Medical Projects!

We are looking forward to you joining us! We have listed your placement details below. Please double check all the details below and if there are any updates needed please inform your Student Advisor.

There is a lot of preparation needed to make sure you get the most out of your project, and some forms we will need you to compete before travelling with us. Please read through the Essential Information Page before you book any flights or make any further arrangements. The pack contains information regarding flight times, visa information, vaccinations etc.

Your Personal Student Advisor:

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Your personal Student Advisor is called Eleanor and she will be your contact for any questions you may have. You can email Eleanor directly at any time at: eleanor@medicalprojects.co.uk

Personal Details

  • First name: 
  • Surname: 
  • Date of birth: 
  • Age at the time of placement:
  • Contact number:
  • E-mail address: 

Placement Details

  • Project:  Kilimanjaro
  • Placement type: 
  • Start date: 
  • Weeks: 
  • Scrubs: 
  • T-shirt: 

Project balance

  • Balance remaining: 
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To Be Completed By You...

Arrival and Departure

Please fill in your travel details below:

Before you book your flights please check that your arrival and departure times are within our travel windows.  Please check your flights with your student advisor before booking if you are unsure.

Once you have checked your flight and your arrival and departure flights are booked, please submit your flight information.  

We recommend having your travel itinerary to hand when submitting your information.



Please complete your Information form below: 

This is a checklist of all the information you will need before completing your Information Form which must to be completed up to 45 days before you travel.

Please read the following details before completing your information form. If you have any queries, please ask your student advisor before you begin the form. For more information of each of these point please see: Student Information Page

  • Visa Information

    If you are travelling on a British passport you will need to collect your visa on arrival at Kilimanjaro Airport and you will need to pay US$50.

    If you are travelling on a US passport you can also collect a visa on arrival and you will need to pay US$100.

    Some people will need to apply for their visa in advance, so if you are travelling on a non-British or US passport please research visa regulations, and ask your Student Advisor if you are still not sure.

    Once you have arrived in Kilimanjaro you will also require a Short Term Resident Permit to take part in your placement. This permit is what allows you to undertake a shadowing placement in a hospital and is required by the Tanzanian Government. The permit costs US$200, which will be collected along with your passport by a member of Medical Projects staff once you have arrived. They will organise your permit and return your passport to you.

  • Health

    The form will ask you to complete a Health Declaration. If you are 18 years old or over you can submit this yourself, if you are younger than 18 your parent or guardian will need to complete this section.

    When completing the form please ensure you have details of any current or previous health conditions or medications, allergies and dietary requirements.

    Before travelling, please make an appointment with your GP to discuss your vaccinations and anti-malarials.

  • Insurance

    You will need to source suitable travel insurance which will cover you medically and for spending your time in the hospital. Further details and suggestions can be found on the student information page

  • Personal Information

    The form will ask for:

    1. Emergency contact details of your parent or guardian. You will need to submit their name, your relationship to them, their contact number and their e-mail address.

    2. Upload a scanned copy of the information page of your passport

    3. Upload a passport-style profile picture. This will be used on your hospital ID badge so please ensure it is a suitable image.

Once you have collected these details, please click "Submit Information Form" to enter your information.

***If you are under 18, you will need a parent/guardian to be with you whilst completing the form, as there is a section which requires their consent and signature. ***

Scrubs and goggles

Students are required to take a set of scrubs and goggles to placement. A set of Medical Projects scrubs can be purchased here:

Weekend Trips

We want to ensure every student gains the best possible experience whilst in Kilimanjaro. If you are on placement for more than 1 week, we arrange weekend trips aimed to explore the best of what Tanzania has to offer. 

Contacting Us Whilst On Placement:

For non-emergency enquiries please contact us via email at: info@medicalprojects.co.uk

For emergencies while flying out to Kilimanjaro, or once you have arrived in Tanzania please call the below number. This number is to be used in Emergency situations only:

Emergency Contact : +255 766 510 632