Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • How old do students need to be for these courses?

    For Project London, Project Kilimanjaro and Project Sri Lanka students needs to be at least 16 years old. There is no strict upper age limit. The vast majority of students who join us are 16-18 years old.

    For our Medic Insight Day students need to be at least 15 years old.

  • Are the students supervised?

    Yes. Our courses run in exactly the same way a school trip does. We have full-time Medical Project staff supervising the students at all times.

    • I'm not from the UK, can I still travel?

      Yes. Students from all over the world join our courses. Quite often the balance of UK students and international students is 50/50.

      • How far in advance do I need to book?

        Spaces are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis so early booking is required. We recommend booking your space 3-6 months in advance as we cant guarantee spaces for last minute bookings.

        • Do students normally travel on their own?

          Most students join our projects on their own but they make lots of friends during the week! Don't be worried about joining a project on your own, lots of other students are in the same boat and our friendly staff will make sure you get chatting.

          We also put students in contact with other students travelling on the same date so they can try and book the same flights and they have a travel buddy. Your Student Advisor will let you know about this a couple of months before your trip.

          • Are flights included?

            Flights are not included. We have students join us from all over the world so it would be impossible for us to book all the flights as well. We give students specific dates and specific time to land within and we always have a Medical Projects team member there to meet students.

          • What's not included in the course fees?

            Flights, visas, vaccinations, travel insurance, scrubs and lunch money. These items are not included in the course cost.

          • Is the registration fee refundable if I cancel?

            Once we have confirmed your space the registration fee is non-refundable. If you cancel 45-90 days before the start date you are required to pay 50% of the balance. If you cancel 0-45 days before your start date you will be required to pay 100% of the balance. This is because we will have booked accommodation, trips, hospital spaces etc and it to short notice for us to find another student to take your place.

          • Do you meet students on arrival?

            Yes. For our overseas course we meet all students at the airport. We have a copy of their flight details and we do not leave until we have collected the student, even if the flight is delayed.

            For our UK project, we meet international students at the airport. UK based students we meet at Kings Cross train station.

          • When do students leave the courses?

            Saturday. We take the students back to either the airport or designated drop off location on the Saturday morning.

          • Do students gain a certificate?

            Yes. All students gain a Medical Projects certificate that confirms which course they have completed and the dates. We can also write letters of recommendation if you require.

          • Does someone take the students back to the airport?

            Yes. We take students who are flying back to the airport. We wait with them until they have passed through airport security.


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