Ethical Policy

Although we are a company and not a registered charity we have a very stringent ethical policy to ensure everyone who deals with Medical Projects benefits. We have identified the key people our company comes into contact with and we aim to ensure each and every person receives fair and equal treatment for their time, goods and services. All profits are reinvested in the local hospitals, local communities, local charities and ensuring Medical Projects can continue to provide a service to students. 

Partner Hospitals

We have very good relationships with our partner hospitals and this comes from regular communication and fair treatment of the hospital and hospital staff. Within the cost of each students placement around 15% goes directly to the hospital and staff. This is split between the hospital itself and the mentors who the students shadow. This money can be used by the hospital to fund expansion plans and buy much needed medical equipment. Many of our students also engage in their own fundraising activities before and after they travel which all goes directly to the hospitals. 

Local Communities

Within each local community we work within we support local businesses and employ local people where we can. We are committed to paying fair prices for goods and services. We buy local and seasonal food where possible. We also encourage our students to volunteer at local charities and orphanages during evening and weekends.

Our Students

Students who travel with us also benefit from a structured medical work experience. The knowledge and skills gained over the course of a Medical Projects placements will be with them for life. We have specifically built in additional learning features and volunteer opportunities to develop each student as much as possible during their time with us. We want each students to achieve to the very of their ability in life and grow as a person with a Medical Projects placement.