Medical Work Experience & Educational Courses

At Medical Projects we understand how challenging it can be gaining a place on a medical, dental, nursing or midwifery course at University. Along with excellent grades you need to make sure you stand out from the crowd with exceptional work experience, and this is where Medical Projects can assist.

Here at Medical Projects, we focus on delivering amazing learning experiences for students, connecting the best teachers in the most innovative locations to create once in a life time experiences for aspiring medical students. We run hospital based work experience in amazing locations such as Tanzania, Sri Lanka and the UK, and our partnerships mean you have access to more departments and cases during your time with us, expanding your learning experience and preparing you for your university application and the catalyst for your career.

Project Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro offers a world of exciting opportunities for a young explorer. Imagine being able to spend your weekend photographing some of the world's largest animals, camping under the stars, or sharing a BBQ with your friends and local Massai. 

Colombo temple.jpg

Project Sri Lanka

Project Sri Lanka delivers the perfect combination of work experience and travel. Spend time in hospitals, experience local cuisine, and relax on the beach. Then spend the weekend visiting Buddhist temples and colonial era towns, and even volunteer in nearby turtle sanctuaries.


Project London

Project London is the location for our UK Medical Experience Week which offers our most premium learning experience. This course is designed to give students aged 16-19 the most realistic and in-depth insight into life as a Doctor.

Stand Out From The Crowd... 

Pre-Medical Placements

Specifically designed for students looking to apply to medical school. Intensive 1-4 week courses with a focus on boosting your application to university.

Pre-Nursing Placements

If you are an aspiring nurse looking for some additional work experience to help boost your application and help you stand out from the crowd, we can help!

Pre-Midwifery Placements

Have a passion to become a midwife? It can be tough finding really good hospital based work experience. Have a read about our courses.

Pre-Dentistry Placements

Looking to study Dentistry at university? Our pre-dental courses will give you the work experience you need, as well as interview training and much more.