Your Travel Questions Answered...


Where will I stay?

All students stay in our on-site accommodation. These have modern facilities such as en-suites with hot/cold showers and flushing western toilets. There is also wifi so students can stay in-touch with everyone at home.

Are meals included?

Yes. We provide breakfast and dinner each day (Sunday – Saturday). The meals are usually local cuisine with the odd “international delicacy” (ie fries or vegi burgers!) on a Friday evening. Students are advised to bring some money to purchase lunch which can be picked up at nearby/onsite cafes for around £1.50 each day.

I have a food allergy, can I still join?

Of course you can! Just let us know when you are completing your application and we will make special arrangements for your meals.

Is the local water safe to drink?

We supply plenty of bottled water at Project India and Kilimanjaro so there is no need to risk drinking the local water. The water at Project Transylvania is safe to drink and bottled water is also available.

Which airport do I fly in to?

Project India: Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (BOM)

Project Transylvania: Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport (OTP)

Project Kilimanjaro: Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO)

When should I arrive?

Students must book flights that land within the designated arrival flight window:

Project India: 8am Sunday – 5pm Sunday

Project Kilimanjaro: 12 midnight Saturday - 8pm Sunday

Project Transylvania: 8am Sunday – 4pm Sunday

When should I depart?

Students must book flights that depart after the designated arrival flight window:

Project India: 3pm Saturday - 3am Sunday

Project Kilimanjaro: Anytime after 10am Saturday

Project Transylvania: Anytime after 3:30pm Saturday



Will I need a visa?

The need for a visa depends on your nationality. If you are a British, US or Australian citizen it is highly like you will need a visa for Project India. EU citizens will not need a visa for Project Transylvania. Please check the each countries specific requirement. We can also help and advise with your visa applications. Visas should be applied for as soon as possible.

Do I need vaccinations?

We always advise you speak to your family doctor about your travel plans. They will have your medical records and will be able to advise on the most appropriate vaccinations for each project.

Occupational Health Requirements:

Students who travel to our European project will need to undergo a couple of important occupational health requirements. You can complete these tests with your GP before you travel. This will include a screening for Hep B & C and also a swab test for MRSA and EBSL. These are normally free from your NHS general practitioner. Please note, if you use a private healthcare provider they may charge between £50-£200.