Medical work Experience Camp

This October & February we will have a UK doctor as part of the Medical Projects team at Project India. Students will gain 25 hours hospital work experience per week, mock interviews and clinical training sessions but students will also get to spend the week with a UK doctor. Our doctor will be running the mock interview session as well as providing clinical training classes. Our doctor will be present for the week 25th to 31st October 2015.

What's included in a placement?

Our placements provide much needed medical work experience as well as a range of skill developing extra-curricular activities:

  • 25 hours hospital work experience per week
  • Mock interview sessions with personal feedback (Run by UK doctor)
  • Clinical skills sessions (Run by UK doctor)
  • Personal development portfolio
  • Experience for personal statements and interviews 
  • All accommodation, food & transport included

Next Project India Dates:

  • 18th October - 24th October 2015
  • 25th October - 31st October 2015
  • 14th February - 20th February 2016
  • 21st February - 27th February 2016

Experience A Range Of Departments: 

We prefer to rotate students around a mixture of departments over their placement time, this ensures exposure to as many interesting cases and experiences as possible. Here are just a few of the department you can experience: 

  • Surgery
  • Paediatrics
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Internal Medicine
  • Intensive Care 
  • Neurology

Mock Interview Sessions

We run a mock interview workshop each week that is designed to simulate certain aspects of medical school interviews. These involve ethical debates, MMIs (multiple mini interviews) and group discussions. We then analyse each students' performance and provide individual feedback.

Clinical Training Sessions 

Throughout the week we run mini clinical training sessions that are designed to help students understand some basic anatomical functions. These are fun and interactive ways to learn some of the basics of medicine. Here are some of the different examinations we teach:

  • Pulses and blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular examination
  • Respiratory examination

Hospital Mentors

Students shadow a doctor or consultant in each department, who will explain cases and procedures. Groups of students don't exceed five as we want this to be a personal experience with plenty of time for you to discuss cases with the medical staff. All our doctors speak English, so there's no need to learn Marathi or Swahili before you set off.

Additional Activities

We have various sports and extra-curricular activities available for students to take part in. Our Operations Co-ordinators also help arrange trips into the local town where students can experience the local markets and pick up some souvenirs or gifts. There is also an optional weekend trip that includes tours of local attractions.

When Can I Travel?

Project India:

  • 18th October - 24th October 2015
  • 25th October - 31st October 2015
  • 14th February - 20th February 2016
  • 21st February - 27th February 2016
  • 22nd May - 28th May 2016
  • 29th May - 4th June 2016
  • 5th June - 11th June 2016
  • 3rd July - 9th July 2016
  • 10th July - 16th July 2016
  • 17th July - 23rd July 2016
  • 24th July - 30th July 2016

All our projects run from Sunday to Saturday. You can choose how long your project is from 1-4 weeks. 


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