Meet The People Behind Your Placement!

Medical Projects work with UK Doctors and Medical Students to ensure students have the best advice and guidance as possible. These guys have all been through the difficult process of applying to university and they have all come through the other side, who better to guide you on your journey? Find out a bit more about each team member as these will be the people on your placement...

About Medical Projects

Medical Projects was formed after the Project Leader worked within a large Sixth Form College for a number of years and saw students struggling to gain work experience in hospitals and GP surgeries across the UK. This lead to the creation of Medical Projects, where we aim to provide students with valuable hospital work experience and a range of skills that help them on their path to a career within healthcare.

Programme Managers

Mark Williams - Project Leader

Mark previously worked in one of the North West's largest Sixth Form colleges and also for one of the largest UK's overseas work experience operators. Mark's passion for education and travel now sees him managing all of the Medical Projects placements.

Eleanor Garrick - Student Placement Manager

Having overseen 10,000+ students in the past few years Eleanor has a wealth of experience with overseas travel and the co-ordination of student placements. Eleanor will make sure you are fully prepared for your project & will ensure your placement runs smoothly.

Samantha Grady - Student Placement Co-ordinator

Samantha has more than 5 years experience of planning all sort of events, so she is perfectly placed to plan your time in the hospital! She is also an experienced traveller and has visited China, America and Thailand amongst many other destinations. Samantha will make sure you gain the most from your time away, and will help you get everything ready before you travel.

Anthony Lukanga - Kilimanjaro Programme Manager

As our Kilimanjaro Programme Manager, Toni is responsible for all things Tanzania! He will look after you at our accommodation, make sure you have a great time in the hospital, and he can also help you to plan activities to get the most out of your time in Africa! Born and raised in Arusha, there is not much that Toni doesn't know about the local area. 

Supporting Doctors

Dr. Sanjay Deshpande - Medical Advisor

Dr. Deshpande is a Consultant Anaesthesiologist at South Tyneside District Hospital. Dr Deshpande was also on Newcastle Medical School's interview panel for 7 years. Dr. Deshpande is also Chairman for the SJVC Charity Trust who co-ordinate medical overseas volunteer programmes.

Dr. Laura Jones - Medical Placement Facilitator

Dr. Jones is an FY1 doctor at South Tyneside District Hospital. Dr Jones graduated from Newcastle Medical School in 2015. Dr Jones has  passion for medicine and teaching and also runs a website designed to help aspiring and current medical students in their learning:



Dr. April Diviney - Medical Placement Facilitator

April is brilliant at clinical teaching and often runs extra sessions for students during evenings. April has a keen passion for orthopaedics and surgery and will often take students into advanced surgery cases during evenings and weekends.


Supporting UK Medical & Dental Students

Aoife-Rose O'Reilly - Medical Student & Mentor 

Aoife is a fourth year Medical Student at The University of Manchester. Aoife joins us on projects to run the student learning such as the mock interview sessions and clinical training sessions. Aoife is on hand to provide experience and advice to all students.


Annie lyles - Medical Student & Mentor  

Annie is a forth year Medical Student at The University of Manchester. Annie joins us at Project India and runs the in-hospital teaching. Annie also sits on our panel for interviews and runs clinical training sessions. 


Tom Moulding - Medical Student & Mentor 

Tom is a forth year Medical Student at The University of Manchester. Tom sits on our panel for interviews and mock interviews sessions. Tom also specialises in providing 1-1 guidance for students whilst on project.


Jack Burgess - Medical Student & Mentor 

Jack is a final year Medical Student at The University of Manchester and is currently intercalating for a degree in Medical Ethics. Jack is particularly good at teaching students how to deal with medical ethics based questions at interview.


Mel Premchand - Medical Student & Mentor 

Mel is a third year Medical Student at The University of Manchester. Mel also has a degree in Biomedical Sciences and successfully progresses into medicine. Mel teaches our clinical training sessions whilst on project. 

Alex Booth - Dental Student & Mentor  

Alex is a final year dental student at The University of Newcastle. Our dental student benefit from the vast expereince Alex has to offer and Alex is particually good at preparing students for interviews.


Placement Co-ordinators 

Jack Williams - Operations Co-ordinator  

Jack is responsible for the logistical coordination of our projects. Trains, planes and automobiles, amongst other things! Jack also looks after the evening activities and social events! Jack is particularly good at planning tours and visits of local towns and cities!

Issie Barrett  - Operations Co-Ordinator

Issie is responsible for all things fun! This includes social activities during the evenings and also the weekend trips. Issie has a passion for all things nature and will often build local wildlife sanctuary trips into students weekend plans!